Destiny Voice and Music Studio- La La Land Parody

Kayley Walker


Sarah Darby, owner of Destiny Voice and Music Studio built her small business from the ground up in 2009. Eight years later with over 100 students, Destiny has become a place where talents are stretched and dreams are realized! Winning the "UPS Small Business Contest" would help provide funds to expand our teaching space as well as purchasing needed equipment and instruments. The kids would be so excited!! :) Thank you for your consideration and enjoy our La La Land Parody! *All minor participants have signed release forms. Lyrics- written by Kayley Nell Walker: I think about that day. Mom dropped me off for music lessons south of the highway. Mansfield, Texas I was seven. Destiny's the place. Best studio in town, it's true and I just knew. We learned to play guitar. Our teacher taught us chords and how to be a superstar. Chalkboard colored world made out of music harmony. Called us to learn how to sing and chase after our dream. Training for my future fame, Dad dropped me off here I came. I was driving him insane playing til' 3. Piano plays my favorite sound, here I don't have to turn it down. I'll make my teacher proud when I am at the Grammy's. One day we'll all be a taller height and even though we're nine we shine. I learned hot cross buns. I learned a vocal run. Now I can play the drums. It's another day of fun! Candy bars, are they really just for me? Candy bars, you can only have one piece. Here's to the kids that sing. Actually practicing. Here's to the strings that break. Here's to the mess we make. It's another day of fun!