art & eden: the better way

Susan Correa


Fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry. It is wreaking havoc on our water, our land, our people and our bodies. We say: Hold Up.The earth is all we have in common.There is no planet B. We do not inherit this earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children. Lets leave them a world they can thrive in. While we see the huge problem, we recognize the historic opportunity. Our world is wrought with wisdom. Our problems are born with solutions. It is up to us to slow down, remember what we have already learned, and allow ourselves to care. It is a matter of saying: the world is too beautiful for us, to conduct business as usual. art & eden was born by imagining a better way forward for the business of fashion. Imagine: clean water for our children and our biosphere. Imagine: clean air, growing forests, a thriving wildlife. Imagine: fair wages and safe, clean conditions for all workers. Imagine: a fashion industry that stops polluting the earth. Imagine: clothes that protect your children’s skin. Imagine: the cessation of apathy. We dreamed it into existence on Jan 25th 2017 and built to be the best it could be for the world, while striving to be the best in the world. We embraced sustainability and built art & eden, on a foundation of collaboration and caring and bought conscience back to commerce. We are delighted to build a business where every one emerges a winner, as we truly believe that the future of profit is to find a greater purpose. art & eden: The Better Way Children's clothes that are better for the planet : Check Better for the people who make them : Check Better for the little people who wear them : Check We hold these ideals close to heart.