Little Loving Hands - Teaching Kids About Kindness - One Box at a Time!

Lily Yeh


Who doesn't want to raise kind kids? Little Loving Hands teaches kids about the importance of giving back - one box at a time. As a mom of two, I was shocked to find out that kids today are 40% less empathetic than they were 30 years ago. Little Loving Hands was created to change the math. As monthly subscription business, we connect children to charities through a service that delivers fun craft kits that include all the materials they need to create a gift that is sent back to those in need. Every kit also includes materials teaching the children about the cause they are supporting, how they are helping, and whom they are impacting. We have connected thousands of children to a variety of charities, both domestic and internationally. Little Loving Hands relies heavily on shipping services and is making an impact globally which is why we would a perfect small business to win the inaugural UPS small business pitch contest! We will put the prize to good use to help show that the littlest people can have the biggest hearts!